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About Us

Hong Kong Noevety Electronic Trade Co., Ltd. uphold the spirit of excellence content,relying on years of experience in the communication business and technical strength and application of leading international communications technology and ideas, focusing on the development of next-generation communications platform using web-based technology, for all levels of operations provide a variety of value-added business solutions and corresponding services, virtual operators and enterprise customers. 


Hong Kong Noevety Electronic Trade Co., Ltd, with elite technical and commercial team, continue to learn and explore the latest developments in the communications industry, into the development and application of new products. Novel provide a sound service system, provide customers with leading products and technology, but also time for distance services to improve customers' operational efficiency and embodies all the time. 


New guidelines for the work team is: the customer's needs and the best technology in the world to combine the best of communications solutions and services to our customers. We are committed to our customers and build this landscape: Globalization and yet personalized, compatibility but easy to control, privacy yet open and strong high. In such a world where communication, performance, intelligence and scale will be taking into account, no longer have to trade-off. The novel is trying to become a recognized leader in these solutions will support high performance and intelligent network, and always stand in the forefront of industry, hoping to promote the communications and information industry innovation out of a force. 


The novel is an excellent team from a group of management, business and technical elite composed of team members has always been firmly believe that customer success is our success, will be a high degree of professionalism, keen insight, rigorous scientific approach, continuing to explore, to have Director and continue to learn humbly learn from other outstanding idea, through unremitting efforts to scientific and technological innovation, the launch customer for the first-class technology and services.



Hongkong Novelty Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd,with technical and commercial elite team,

constantly learn and explore the latest developments of communications industry into new 

products development application.Novelty provides a sound service system,providing 

customers with leadingedge products and technologies, zerodistance service to improve

 operational efficiency and manifestation at all times.



Novelty team's working guideline is to combine customer needs and best technology in the 

world,serve our customers with best communication solutions.We are committed to build the

 landscape: globalization, personalized,compatibility but easy to control,high private as well as 

open.In this communication world, performance, intelligence and scale will be bundle together.

Novelty is trying to become recognized industry leader in high performance and intelligent 

networks,these solutions will support high ability and intelligence,always standing in the 

forefront of line,hoping to promote communication and information industry innovation to a 


  Novelty is composed to number management,business and technical elite excellent team,who always firmly believed that customer's success is our success.We will be high degree of 

professionalism, keen insight,rigorous scientific attitude,continue to explore,with advantage and

 learning through tireless efforts of scientific innovation, launch better technology and services 

for customers.